Last night we did our final bit of filming for Rumble in the Jumble for the NO HOME film festival.
The day began with our helium filled air swimmer fish escaping into the universe when we were walking it home, using it's power adaptor cable as a leash. It was actually on loan from someone and we had it all of two minutes before the disasterous wind carried him up up up and away. We tried to make him come down with the remote control but it was no use...
so instead we did some pretty fancy special effect filming with a plastic fish attached to a metal coil.

We also had the wonderful Dylan at our disposal, 
chopped onions till his eyes watered for us, 
then ate the raw onions for us, 
then let us put raw meat on his face, 

and big thanks to miss Romilly Spiers
our fantastic film woman


We ended 2011 at the velodrome
with a bunch of enthusiastic dancers
a kangaroo
sporty slash tribal costumes
a bit of whip cracking
a bebe
and a couple of film cameras
We're going to start 2012
avocado and vegemite facemasks
musashi protein shakes
and maybe some explosives.
sounds like this year might be as good
if not
better than last year
here are some suggestions for possible changes to your 2012 selves

goats milk
Sensory deprivation tanks; try making one at home with salty water and an old fridge

food spray, edible spray paint available in all different colours for instant gold turkey or green eggs and ham
that's it



Acclaim Magazine is a pretty wicked magazine full of hot boys, hot art, hot music and hot design. Issue 25, is now on the shelves of boutiques, newsagents and mag stores around Aus and this issue is seriously wicked. With a Ken Done done cover like this how can it not be totally top-notch? The theme is Australia and you can find ULA lurking in there with our re-imagined Coogi jumper along with a bunch of other whipper snapper designers re-imaging other classic Aussie threads.


We found ourselves at the Brunswick Velodrome today
We tested out the slopes with short sprints and dance moves

We discovered running around a velodrome doesn't look as funny as we thought it would
choreographed dance moves however do look pretty funny.
This is all in preparation for our new film RUMBLE IN THE JUMBLE
we'll be shooting it in about three weeks
so if you want to make a cameo appearance in some form or another
give us holla
ula ula


We went on a holiday to Ikea today.
and met lots of honeys

tried out some alternative home environments

and fondled some saucy dogs

but now the holiday's over and we are back in real life
sipping lates, planning our AW12 film, & our set up for PENTHOUSEMOUSE12.

Cant wait to show you all our new AW range called RUMBLE IN THE JUMBLE. and for all you SYDNEY SIDE ERRRRRRRSSSS you'll be able to find ULA no probs at our newest stockist Above The Cloud (say gday to dimitri for us)

cha cha cha

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